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  1. Good afternoon Priya.Pl.let me know 1) how long back she had hysterectomy done
    2)were both ovaries removed or not.
    3)Indication of hystetectomy
    Get her blood examined for
    HbA1c and Serum insulin level and FBS and PPBS.
    Presently advice her to take
    Tab.Menopace ISO 1tab at bed time.
    Tab.Supracal 1000 1 tab daily to continue.
    I cannot advice hormone therapy without knowing her histopathological report of removed uterus and ovaries if removed.How old is she ?
    Best wishes.

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    Good morning doctor
    Hysterectomy had done exactly 1 year ago.
    Ovaries were also removed.
    Hysterectomy had done due to fibroid in the uterus.
    She is 40 years old.
    She is my mother.
    Sugar level now is in control doctor.
    But at the time of postoperation period even sugar level increased to 400mg/ dl.
    Is mentioned tablets enough to reduce sweat doctor?
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    Today sugar level is 270 mg/dl doctor.
  4. User
    That is after food
    170 mg/dl before food
  5. Pl.get Blood examined for HbA1c and Serum Insulin level as also TSH.
    Her blood sugar level is not well controlled.
    Restrict carbohydrate reach diet.
    Best wishes.
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    Tanq doctor...
  7. O.k.thanx.