Severe pain in chest muscles

For last 4years, I have problem of getting sudden pain in the left side of body when my chest, back ,neck and left hand pains severely. Since this pain always occur on the left side, so I had consulted a cardiologist, he has given me medicines but it gives me relief for few days, not permanently. I have gone through several doctor ‘S treatment for this pain, but now I got relieved only temporarily. During chest pain, my head also aches a lot. Now I got even problems of breathing if I use staircases or walk for an half hour. What is my actual problem?
How to get cured? If the concerned person have any sp. Suggestions, then Pls tell me. This chest pain is excess. If anyone can help me with proper answer, suggestions and medication.
Eagerly waiting for the reply.
chest pain


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  1. Hi..there are various reason for pain please give some details like what is your age,do you feel any tingling sensation,do you have blood pressure problem?what is d diagnosis by cardiologist
  2. Left side chest pain is of concerned but is not always related to heart problem...there can be some kind of nerve compression also which may cause pain to neck ,hand and back can consult to neurophysician or physiotherapist for proper assesment and should do some exercises or yoga and walk in your daily routine
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    Age is 29 , low blood pressure ,checked few days back, it was 60/100.
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    Doctor advised it's cardiac muscular pain
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    It's not related to heart problems
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    Since it's not reducing permanently, so I want to know the possible reasons and medications accordingly
  7. OK..for your low blood pressure you should increase your liquid intake and can take enerzal .Your chest pain can be due to heavy weight lifting.incorrect posture,any injury ,repetitive bending or twisting of body,nerve compression may be...better to consult to nearby physiotherapy clinic for proper subjective and objectives may suggest you for x ray ..
  8. For the time being correct your posture avoid long hour sitting..use heat therapy for pain relief ,can do massage over affected area if muscle there..
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    Thanks doctor
  10. Your most welcome