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  1. have to elaborate your in...where exactly it is? Did u fall sometime back? Is it starting from your lower back? What are the other affected areas?
  2. Since how long has the pain been occurring?Kindly explain your condition in the format i asked...
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    since a month... I got allergy there...
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    Its pains when iam sitting
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    Near In between buttocks and end of spinal cord
  6. Did u do horse riding sometimes back? Or had a direct fall over the area?
  7. Well it could be coccydynia....
    Use cold packs over that particular area for 15 it atleast 3 times a day....use a cusion to sit over...dont sit with back resting on the chair...sit little forward...avoid direct pressure or strain over the area....
  8. Cushion*
  9. Avoid sitting in one posture for a ling time...keep distributing the weight on buttocks one by one....
  10. You should get yourself examined and if there are no bruises or rashes seen then ultrasonic therapy by a physiotherapist may also help.
    If the pain subsides to a certain extent u can start few exercises like:
    Contract ur buttocks hold for 5 counts and it for atleast 5 repetitions
    Contract your lower abdomen as if you are controlling your motions(potty)...hold it for 5 counts and leave...perform for 5 repetitions.
    Bend both your legs, keep a pillow between ur knees and squeeze and hold for 5 counts n leave. Do it for atlst 5 reps.

    If the pain still petsists then you should see a good physiotheray clinic or an orthopaedician for x-ray or mri referral.
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    Is there any chance by wearing wet underwears and wet shorts
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    How can i send you pictures
  13. Dear Siddhu , You can whatsapp your images at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of your doctor with this question.
    Thank you!
  14. You mean you have worn wet underwears and wet shorts?
  15. Then there could be fungal infections for should see a physician or a dermatologist
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    I sent my pictures to the given number madam
  17. Hello Siddhu,

    I have seen the images and it seems that you are suffering from fungal infection and you have scratched it a lot.
    These lesions are usually very itchy and pain usually starts after scratching a lot.
    So if this is the case with you, I would suggest you to apply micogel over affected area twice a day for 7 days.
    Please do not scratch any more as this prevents healing.
    If its excessively itchy, you may take tablet alerid 10 mgs 1 at night for 3 days.
    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!
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    Thanku ra
  19. Take care!
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    Iam practicing 800 meters runnings since 1 mnth i stoped it since 10 days... I hav problem regarding my leg.. Iam sending the pic/place where the pain is.....i hav running event on 29 june..... Plz give Daily tips to reduce my pain sir
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    I think Its common fibular nerve near right leg knee part.. Right to the knee.. Its paining suddenly when i ran fast...
  22. If you its neuropathic pain, routine painkillers won't help.
    You need to get the drugs prescribed.
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    Madam name it madam... I have 3 days time
  24. Drugs like Pregebalin can help you but get them prescribed by a physician.
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    Thanki thanks alot
  26. Take care!!
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    Madam/sir how to avoid pimples... I sent pictures to representative number
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    Will u please c it once
  29. I have seen the images and would suggest you to apply adaple c gel over pimples twice a day for 15 days.

    It is also important to take care of your skin so that the pimples do not come back.

    Use any good sunscreen that is rated SPF-30 and above (examples – Nivea, Biotique, Neutrogena). Apply sunscreen every 3 hours.
    Always cover your face with cloth whenever you are going out, especially if on a two-wheeler, to keep it safe from dust as much as possible.
    Use a face wash at least twice a day.
    Drink lots of water to keep yourself well-hydrated, 2-3 liters depending on your activity levels and weather.
    Eat sour fruits like orange, amla. These are rich in Vit C. You can also start oral vitamin C supplements like Tab LIMCEE/CELIN which is available OTC in medical stores.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!
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    Thanku very munch
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  32. Take care!!
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    How can i get rid of moisture in face
  34. Wash the face several times and use a spf compact powder.