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  1. Hi...what is your age, height and weight? Any history of high b.p, thyroid?
  2. Well...does the pain in arm and shoulder also shows some tingling and numbness?
  3. Cervical spondylosis is not directly related to diabetes.
    If you have a desk job of prolonged sitting in front of computer or laptop then yes you are likely to have this issue of neck pain radiating to arms and shoulder.
    Hope uv got your x-ray done.
    You need to visit a good physiotherapy clinic and get yourself examined and the treatment will be prepared accordingly. It should include:
    HOT PACKS over neck and upper back.
    TENS(burst mode)down the shoulder and arm.
    U.S over paraspinal muscles of neck and trapezius they must be quite tight or in spasm.
    Trigger point release to be done too.
    Once the pain subsides to a certain extent mild manual traction can be started too.
    Later on the exercises can be started and taught as well.

    You majorly need to modify your work station....and follow certain precautions:
    1. Avoid bending forward much.
    2.use headphones instead of mobile itself to talk.
    3.avoid hanging your arm by the side.try to keep it in the pocket while walking.
    4.keep your computer at your eye level so that u dont have to bend and see it.
    Also get your calcium and vitamin d checked.
  4. Also do not use pillow rather take a soft towel roll under ur neck