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    You seem to have androgenetic alopecia.
    It is characterized by progressive hair loss and hair thinning from the frontal scalp and vertex part of the scalp.
    There is also widening and deepening of the angles of anterior hair line as well as gradually receding anterior hair line.
    Minoxidil and finasteride are approved remedies for this type of hair loss.
    Treatment is long term and just preventive i.e the goal of treatment is to arrest or slow down further progression & therefore early the therapy is initiated, better the prognosis.
    Therefore naturally if you discontinue minoxidil you stand a chance to lose remaining hairs as well.
    I suggest you to continue with topical minoxidil application. It is also advisable to add finasteride tablet along with topical minoxidil application, for maximal benefit.
    Kindly visit a dermatologist in your vicinity for more information regarding treatment for androgenetic alopecia and for the needful.