Severe hair loss

Hello doctor, I have type 2 diabetes and suffering from severe hair loss now a days. My thyroid is ok (as per test report). I consulted a dermalogist and he suggested some medicines like Keraboost, DV 60K, TRIRISE liquid & BGro plus shampoo. But there is no Minoxidil & Finasteride. Is it ok and effective?

Severe hair loss

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    for male patterned baldness minoxidil and finasteride is only FDA approved
    biotin,saw Palmetto,amino acids, calcium pantothenate,zinc,folic acid,iron are the skeleton of our hair
    pl attach pics so that I can make it out whether you are suffering from patterned hair loss or telogen effluvium
    further on grade of alopecia is also important to plan further line of treatment medical or surgical
    surgical is reserved for grade 5 onwards which includes platelet rich plasma injection,hair stem cell therapy and follicular unit extraction FUE
    but minoxidil is must whether you go for medical or surgical line of treatment
    in your case..I don't know why doctor haven't prescribed you minoxidil
    you can Continue with the treatment which your Dermatologist have prescribed you..just add on minoxidil 5 % lotion also.apply 1 ml twice daily
    and regarding tab finasteride it varies from one doc to other
    it causes loss of libido..not proved but we have to inform patient about this side effect of it.. if you are ready for it then only it is prescribed
    plz let me know if you have any queries