Seizures while sleeping

Hello doctor, Myself Naveen, I’m from karnataka. At night me and my wife works as Medical representative. We came at 10:45 ,we take food and goes to sleep. After few minutes later my wife suddenly started laughing and crying . I try to wake her up. She was laughing and crying then I slap her, then she told it happens like this and she told that she can’t breath. I immediately take her to the nearby hospital, There Doctor told required oxygen is not there. After 1 hour of treatment she became normal. While travelling we have serious discussion. Before night she took levo citrizen two tab.

What can I do please reply me? ┬áPlease Doctor it’s a humble request.

Seizures while sleeping

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  1. hello Naveen,
    the description of ur problem tentatively seems to be more like a complex partial seizure. but I cud not understand if this is the only incidence or there have been others...Also it's imperative to get an imaging (MRI preferably) along with EEG done ASAP inorder to ascertain the diagnosis.....also try n keep a video for reference if this recurred in this duration...once EEG is done ...and if it's showing any abnormality .den start her on Anti epileptic agent like sodium Valproate or leviteracetam. Hope this helps...plz take care