Getting vaginal infection frequently. What to do?

Hello doctor, I am 24 weeks pregnant, but at the time of¬†pregnancy I am getting Vaginal Infection which is not being cured by low power dosage.My doctor suggested for high dose. Will it affect my baby? how much time does a vaginal tablet takes to dissolve? I used vaginal tablet costrim-v but it didn’t dissolve till morning. Please advise.


Getting vaginal infection frequently. What to do?
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    Vaginal thrush also known as candidiasis is common during pregnancy. Infection in vagina needs to be treated as it can lead to pain abdomen, vaginal discharge and preterm pains also. For recurrent infection you may need to repeat the treatment. Your husband should also be treated. Improve local hygiene. We have safe treatment options during pregnancy and take complete course with advice of your doctor.
    Vaginal tablets dissolve in few minutes to overnight depending upon the preparation and moisture in vagina. Single and multiple dose preparations are available in forms of tablets and creams also.
    Consult your doctor and take complete treatment for you and also your husband to prevent recurrence. Other important thing is to check other reasons of low immunity. You should get tested for diabetes.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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