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    In the second trimester, you only need 300 extra calories per day. Furthermore, the quality of food you eat is critical for your baby's growth and development. You should divide your daily meals to ensure you are eating a balanced diet comprising of proteins, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

    Pulses, meat, chicken, eggs and beans are excellent sources of proteins. Dairy products are good source of calcium and fruits & vegetables are good source for minerals & vitamins.

    For meal planning, Indian foods have been divided into different groups (make sure you eat one item everyday from each of these food groups).
    Cereals & Grains
    Pulses & Beans/ Meat, Chicken, Egg
    Milk and Milk products
    Green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, tubers and roots

    This is a sample diet, the key is not to overeat and eat a little lesser than you are feeling hungry to avoid over-stuffing. Remember you are not eating for two, you just need 300 calories extra per day:

    7 am. Soaked Almonds and Wheat Rusk or Bland biscuits. 1 Glass of Milk ( Flavored or bland, as you may like it)

    9 am. Carrot stuffed parantha. You can also go for plain parantha with a veggie of your choice. Add curd if you like.
    OR If you eat eggs, you can go for omellete and toast or a veggie loaded omelete and toast or a boiled egg with parantha/toast.

    11 am. Eat 1 Apple or 1 Orange or 1 Pomengranate

    12 am. 1 Glass butter milk or coconut water or a glass of juice

    1.30 am. 1 chapati with Dal or Veggie of your choice. Eat curd and salad. Alternately you can add rice to your meals to ensure there is variety in your food. Also eat paneer veggie in lunch instead of dinner to ensure you do not sleep on a heavy stomach. If you eat non-vegetarian, you can eat chicken curry alternately.

    4 pm. Non-fried snacks with glass of milk. If you are too keen on tea, have a small cup. But it is recommended to avoid tea or coffee everyday during pregnancy.

    6 pm. Have fruit salad or soup or sprouts salad.

    8 pm. Chapati with Dal or Veggie of your choice. Add salad to make it a complete meal. If you are craving for something sweet, you can eat it with or after the dinner meal.

    10 pm. A glass of milk. Add Almonds or dates to milk to make it more nutritious.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.

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