Second trimester discomfort in right groin

Hi Doctor, I  am 24 weeks pregnant. I often have pain discomfort in right groin .  This pain increases while urination, pain does not last long, and is decreased when rest.  I also have severe tenderness in my calf muscles.  Please suggest me what to do as soon as possible.


Second trimester discomfort in right groin
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Answers ( 2 )

  1. You have discomfort in right groin.You need check up by Obstetrician to rule out local causes.Please tell us duration of this discomfort. Was it before pregnancy also?Asyou have mentioned discomfort increases on should get your urine routine exam and culture sensitivity done along with lower abdomen ultrasound examination.There may be need to consult surgeon and urologist .During pregnancy there might be ligament spasm but it doesn't cause pain on urination.You should take urinary alkalizer -Alkasol and uterine relaxant and rest..
  2. And also consult doctor as pain can cause labor pains.So relax and go to Obstetrician. Till then all the best.