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  1. Good evening Paladh.
    Warm welcome to MediMetry.

    I would like to suggest RING GUARD cream thrice a day every day.

    Also please use ketoconazole soap daily during bath.

    Take one Tab A to Z everyday for two months.

    Hope this helps.

    Live healthy.
  2. User
    hii I have ring. worm in genital area also
  3. Can use the same.
  4. User
    Okk but no relief after 24 hours how much it will take to cure
  5. User
  6. One to two weeks..
  7. User
  8. User
    and I feel wet so what can I do
  9. Sorry?
  10. User
    hii no relief so now I'm having it- Mac capsule and surfaz an cream so is it right
  11. Yes.
    like I said. It will take two weeks to clear
  12. User
    Okk thanks..
  13. Your most welcome.