Right age to teach infant how to sit or stand.

Dear Doctor, I would like to know what is the right time or month to teach infant to sit or stand. I have a 5  month daughter and she is now trying to overturn and also trying to catch her toe. Would it be right to teach her all that. One more thing what other food should be given to her other than mother milk.

Right age to teach infant how to sit or stand.

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  1. Hi and welcome to Medimetry.A baby starts sitting with support at around 6 months of age and without support by 7-8 months of age.Babies may start crawling anytime between 7-10 months of age.There may be slight variation in every baby.Between 7-10 months babies may show different locomotion methods like bottom shuffling,slithering on stomach and rolling across room.Babies are genetically programmed to develop these skills with time.One should not try forcefully before age .I think let your baby grow and dEvelop healthily at his own pace.Hope this helps.Best wishes and take care!Till 6 months of age give exclusive breastfeeding. After that you may start with vegetable juices,dal,mashed boiled fruits .Start gradually and slowly.keep me posted.