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I need a doctor who is specialized in trismus physiotherapy protocols and managing “pain”, “reversion” during the course of physiotherapy …… I don’t know whether this would continue for a foreseeable or unforeseeable future. The patient is a 12-yr male child. This trismus is perhaps due to fibrosis consequential to the sclerotherapy of tongue and B/L submandibular glands. Presently, mouth opening is 10 mm. Encouraging advancements on and off seen up-to 18 mm during last one year but all on a sudden mandible gets painful and mouth aperture reverts ……. this is what I am facing with my child. Wooden spatulas are being used for physiotherapy.

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  1. OK for how long your child has taken the physiotherapy sessions....
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    First of all, my heartfelt gratitude to you for showing concern for my son. He has been continuing with physiotherapy since May, 2015.
  3. will take time the treatment protocol which your therapist is giving is correct as you feel some improvement should encourage your child to do the exercises atleast three four times every three hourly most important thing you should try to make sure that your son wil not b in stress as this may lead to cause spasm n tightness to the facial muscle this can be the reason for recurrence of closing of mouth...along with physio give him environ ment in which he feels relax n comfort...
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    You mean to say he will have to do 3-4 sessions in every three hour. Presently, he is doing a total of 5 sessions per day and each session comprises of 5 stretches of 30 seconds each. He is also a regular school-goer. He leaves home for school at 7 AM and returns home at 2 PM. Prior to leave home for school early in the morning, he does his first session and rest four he does after coming to home i.e. after 2 PM.
  5. No its not so as it may lead to cause increased pain because of frequent stretches...he should do the exercise for at least five times a day which includes opening of mouth by stretch as much as he can for ten repetitions..2:hold mouth open for count of 30,repest for 5 times3::place middle n index finger n do twisting motion from both hands hold it open wide as much as he can repeat for 2 sec do it for 10 count..try to perform the stretch in school hours also as during this period there will b a long gap for muscles ...
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    I am grateful for your unceasing support to help the grieved people ....... very few people are doing their bits so selflessly with an empathy, too. May God bless you
  7. Thank you so.much....may your son get well soon:)...take care you can ask for further queries too
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    Namakar! Cap Densomin twice daily n Turmix Mouth Wash r also said to be effective in reducing fibrosis ......... both the medicines are herbal products probably .......... I am told by an Oral-Maxillofacial surgeon that besides continuous physiotherapy, these medicines can be taken. After seeing all his reports he told the problem is not with tmj it's with soft tissue around oral cavity.
    Hope to get your insights ......... these medicines are available only with ZOMEDI. COM, an e-commercial portal dealing in several herbal healthcare products.
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  10. can try these as r herbal medicines but we can't believe so much on online business sites as what may be the effects we never know...
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    You have suggested me in ur above post that "most important thing you should try to make sure that your son will not be in stress" ......... what kind of stress you are indicating to avoid??
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    Also, u hv suggested regarding environment ........ does it mean love n affection?
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    He is doing his exercises with the help of ice-cream sticks .......... but after a good improvement for 5-6 days, again mandible n cheek become painful and opening reduces.
    This is the main problem I am facing. Then with the help of pain killers, he again reaches at his previous level, then drop taking pain killers for few days ....... this is the viscous cycle in which he is trapped.
  14. Yes I mean too say proper attention, love and care and don't pressurise him to do the exercises whenever he is in good mood go for it....sometimes it happeens that condition reduces but continue for the exercise as sometime it happens once you feel cure with something we stop doing it so regularly so don't do that...
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    Thanks n regards!
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    I take your suggestions literally but I am still unable to understand how long this viscous cycle will continue for. I am not thinking about to get rid of exercises as soon as possible but why this pain starts even when he doesn't exceed a sinle ice-cream stick what he has been keeping in his mouth for continuous 5-6 days painlessly. If pain arises in course of being desirous for further increase, I can easily understand but pain is arising here even in maintaining the "already achieved target" which he has been doing for 6-7 days "painlessly". My main concern is only this recurrent pain after a pause of 6-7 days and subsequently reducing the opening down from the already achieved opening.
  17. I can understand ur situation but this may be either due to d
    Growing age of ur son or may be he undergoes thru any stress or anxiety...consult to ur therapist or speech therapist for proper assesment