Remedies to increase sex stamina.

I am asthma patient and I want to know any sex tablet which can increase sex stamina. If I just use before intercourse.

I used Viagra tabs but they did not  increase the intercourse time.

so please help me with this and suggest me some tablets for this.

I want to have more intercourse time. My life going like hell in a bed.

Please I request you to help me.

Tell me something which have an instant effect on this. which I can use for good effect just before intercourse.

Remedies to increase sex stamina.

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  1. Hi, Arpit Sharma
    Welcome to MediMetry

    I can understand your concern:

    Remedies or tips for increasing stamina:

    1) Staying mentally focused.
    2) Workouts for building arm muscles.
    3) Improve blood flow and flexibility by doing cross fit exercises.
    4) Keep a control over breathing while having sex.
    5) Weight always is a hindrance in sexual activity and often leads to loss of stamina.So, always keep your body fit.
    6) Do kegel and aerobics Exercises.
    7) Improve overall sexual experience.
    8) Reduce frequency of drinking and smoking because it reduces stamina.
    9) When doing sex it is important that you lubricate well.
    10) Take enough rest to relax your nervous system.

    Foods that increase sexual stamina:

    1) Drink Watermelon Juice.Watermelon is said to be natural viagra.
    2) Eat dark chocolate before going to bed.
    3) Eat nuts like almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts etc.
    4) Eat onions, carrots, Honey and eggs.
    5) Increase intake of Milk and Carrot.

    For more details, you can also choose private consultation.

    Thanks for asking to MediMetry.