Regular Chest pain and frequent uneasiness

Hello Doctor , I am feeling regular chest pain and my right arm also having pain frequently. I also have back pain frequently. My feet sometimes remain cold and i fell uneasiness many a times. I am a housewife. I remain ill many  times. Are there any chances of heart problem or cholesterol problem. Please suggest me something.

Regular Chest pain and frequent uneasiness
Family Physician

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    well As per your height you are overweight

    If you are having chest pain please i would suggest you to undergo a chest Xray and ECG to look for any abnormality

    please do test like CBC and lipid profile and thyroid profile so that your medication can be started according to the reports
    your symptoms are quite resembling a case of thyroid disorder
    For back pain take Ibuprofen twice in a day
    please revert back to me with all your reports

    Take care