Regestrone tablets for breast cancer patient

I am  6 years breast cancer survivor (ER+,PR+)(T2,N1,M0). Took tamoxifen from last 5 years and just allowed to conceive by my oncologist. I had miscarriages in past before detecting breast cancer(I don’t have baby). I had regular periods through out. But now only in last month when we tried to convince, I missed my period but had spotting with pregnancy test negative. I consult gynecologist, she suggested for sonogram where it is found that my endometrium thickness is much more than normal. Then after gynaecologist suggestions I done D and C(curetting) with removal of palp, its reports are normal. Now gynaecologist is suggesting me to take Regestrone for 3 months. Should I take it? Will it affect my Cancer problem? Will it reoccur? I am so confused what to do?

Regestrone tablets for breast cancer patient

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    you can take progesterone that is regestrol.

    since the endometrial thickness was due to tamoxifen it should revert to normal cycle soon.

    but if it is essential as part of infertility treatment, then go ahead