Cesarean or normal delivery?

Hello doctor, I am pregnant for the second time. My first delivery was by caeserean. Now my due date is in first week of may. I wanted to ask that this time also will it be cesarean or normal delivery? because most people say caeserean only.

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Cesarean or normal delivery?
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    Well, yes it you have your previous history of caesarean section than probably there will chances of caesarean section only .
    It will be difficult for you to have normal delivery .
    Most important thing is that what condition or history made you to have c section
    Condition for c section need c-section
    pelvis is too small or because they have issues with their uterus. If that is your case, you may be be a better candidate for another c-section (for which I'm sure your Dr has screened you for). If you choose to go through with the VBAC, know that the scar on your uterus could come apart during labor and you could start bleeding. This is called a uterine rupture. If your uterus ruptures, the infant death rate goes up to 40% .
    there are risks to having a c-section as well, such as longer healing time and more pain after surgery.
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