Redness and blister on penis

hie doctor,
i am having redness and blister on penis.Sometime it hurts and recover itself and also come again itself .

i had this problem 1 time 7 years ago than it stopped .i have done unprotected sex with sex worker but she don’t have any problem as she is a healthy lady .

i had also checked the problems come if person is affected to hiv i have no symptoms like that no rash nothing only redness,irritation and sometime blister on penis skin and penis head also.

i am worried about this please tell me about this.i told many people about this they always say it is because of heat in my body i am muscular boy as well as sports person .white fair skin.5.11 inch tall .75 kg weight.please tell i am worried.

Redness and blister on penis

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  1. hello,
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    I got to know about ur issues,
    the redness and blisters as told by you is may due to some herpes infection as you had unprotected sex previously....and only HIV is not the only std disease ....many other diseases and infection can occur due to unprotected kindly check the report of hsv and consult me back with your reports... I will prescribe u treatment accordingly.