Red skin rash after fever.

Hello doc,
my mother has this kind of problem in which with fever and chills red skin rash immediately occurs on the body except of face. Our dermatologist suggests some blood test in which all tests are normal except WBC count are higher than normal range and ESR test is 75mm/hr. VDRL and Montreux tests are also normal. HB is 12.00 which is normal and no other symptoms or problems are faced by my mother and no major problems of family history is there.
After 10-15 days this red rash turns blackish and after that,

it peeled off from a body without leaving any marks.This happens 2-3 time in 4 months.
Can you suggest a solution to this problem?

Is there any risk of something major?

Red skin rash after fever.

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  1. hi
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    fever with rash can be due to drug intake or viral exanthem
    is she taking some medicine prior to fever with rash?
    is she having sneezing, lacrimation,cough and cold along with fever and rash?
    in case of drug rash -dependant area of body like buttocks and body folds most commonly involved, history of prior drug intake is present
    in case of viral exanthem- sneezing , lacrimation history is present
    I will like to know the drug details of your mother?
    is she taking any other medicine , suffering from any disease?
    history of change of drug present?
    you have to be careful if it is a drug rash
    send me the pics to interpret better
    I advice
    tab dolo 650 mg three times a day for fever
    calamine lotion over body two times daily for rash
    I request you to send me the pics because pics and history of the patient only differentiate between these two conditions
    investigations doesn't differentiate between these two conditions

    plz be free to contact me for any queries