Recurrent Apthus Ulcer since 16 yrs.

I’m 30yrs old, unmarried and physically fit from other disease. I’v been suffering from Recurrent Apthus Ulcer for nearly 16yrs. I’ve consulted with many doctors and taken medicines as they advised. But, still it is not cured.
These ulcers come out on and around the tongue. Sometimes it comes inner side of the lips.
At present, I’m using only Kenacort ointment.

apothous ulcer

Family Physician

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    Read your query as you have mouth ulcers this can be due to some reason it can be vitamin b deficiency, stress induced , hormonal influences . Dont be worried so much for this I will suggest you to consult oral sugeon for clinical examination . In the meantime you can take medicine twice daily like A to Z and Lycopene by consulting with local doctor . Apply ointment like Mugel or Mucopian 3 to 4 times a day .

    Hope this will help you ,
  2. User
    Thank you mam!!
    Do you think it cant be cured??
    For I have already tried all these.
  3. You need to find the cause and a dental surgeon can help you the most.
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    Thank you once again!!