Rashes and itchiness

Hello Doctor, I am suffering from rashes and itchiness from 6 month and i take medicines like cap- iteraconazole 200 mg, some creams like lobate gm, pendrem. When i applied on the skin then it fell better. But after some days again rashes start in pubes. Please tell me some medicine.

Rashes and itchiness

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  1. Hi
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    thanks for the query
    you are suffering from tinea infection
    you are taking correct capsule but applying wrong medicine
    cap ityza 100 mg 1 cap twice daily after food * 2 weeks
    tab lcz5 mg 1 tab daily after dinner at night* 10 days
    ebernet cream twice daily to be applied over the area
    keep area dry
    review after 2 weeks
    please let me know if you have any queries