How to quit smoking and reduce weight?

How should I quit smoking, i have taken chewing gums and many more things. But after 2 to 3 days it continue, and weight is also increasing day by day please give me a solution for it, to quit smoking and reduce weight. Actually digestive system is not so good and constipation problem is also to me.


How to quit smoking and reduce weight?
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  1. Hi. Thanks for considering Medimetry to post your query.
    At the onset I would like to offer you my hearty congratulations for your decision to quit smoking! Not only it is beneficial for you but also your loved ones.
    Here are a few tried and tested methods I have shared with several of my patients and hope you find it equally helpful:
    1. Behavioural change - The decision to quit smoking should first and foremost come from within you. So seek help from your support systems and family and friends that don't smoke or have quit smoking. Find groups in your locality that arrange meetings and counselling. If you are too busy or you feel embarrassed, I would suggest online groups and apps where you may remain anonymous.
    Stay away from friends or relatives or situations that may cause you to smoke like pubs etc. at least in the initial few weeks of stopping smoking.
    2) Nicotine replacement- Nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, sprays, and lozenges are nicotine replacement therapies. kindly visit the closest physician for the correct treatment for you or write back to ask us. Medications may also be prescribed.
    3) Keep a diary- Since nicotine addiction is both a physical and psychological , jot down when n what situations or emotions are associated with smoking and try to get rid of these precipitating factors through your choice of meditation.
  2. Reward yourself everyday for every craving you have stopped.
    Regarding your weight gain, in my opinion, nicotine usually causes unhealthy weight loss in smokers as it boosts the metabolism and immediately after you smoke a cigarette, your heart rate increases by 10 to 20 beats a minute. The unnatural stimulant effect of nicotine is one of the reasons that smoking causes heart disease besides other diseases.
    So you may burn off the extra few pounds by increasing your exercise levels (thereby increasing heart rate and causing weight loss) or by going on a diet. Yoga and meditation also are very powerful techniques for mind peace and exercise.
    Kindly reply back with your weight, height, age and sex to know about your bmi and further consultation regarding healthy weight for you and weight loss.
  3. Regarding your constipation, yes, nicotine withdrawal does cause constipation. But in my experience, it will be transient and will disappear soon if related to nicotine withdrawal. You may consider to include more roughage in your diet and consume plenty of portions of fruits and vegetables. Keeping yourself fully hydrated is a must, everyday 2 to 3 L of water.
    Hope this answers all of your queries.
    Write back to us at Medimetry if any clarifications required.
    Once again I congratulate you on your wise decision to quit smoking.
    Live healthy.