Problem while bending due to spine surgery. Advise ?

Hello doc, I have Problem while bending due to spine surgery . Lumber spine l5s1 spine fixation by 4screw and 2rod , 1 year complicated to the spine surgery, doctor told me u can’t bend before 6 month u tell right now I can bend or not ?

backbone problem


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  1. What is your age ? Any other problem u have in cervical OE knee
  2. Do you perform spinal exercises in daily routine ? U can bend but if you feel pain or not comfortable then go for examination...avoid weight lifting and do exercise daily ...
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    If I long time sitting approximately 45 minute pain will start slowly
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    If standing long time 45 minutes pain will start
  5. Sit in correct posture with back supported ,he surface should not b too hard or too soft... Avoid low sitting...after sometime change your posture...while standing use corset avoid weight bearing...perform exercises daily once your muscles get full strength they support ur back and you will feel normal..along with exercises include walking also in ur routine...
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    Thanks sir
  7. Most welcome...get well soon:)