Problem of loose motion

I have problem of loose motion which is not curing. It have been 2 days since i am suffering from it. There is blood in my stool with jelly type colour. At first i have fever them normal loose motion and then after problem that I have mentioned above.

Problem of loose motion

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  1. Hello,
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    Loose motions can occur due to infection or food poisoning.

    I would suggest you following things:
    > Take lots of fluids( water, juices)
    > Tab norflox tz twice a day after food for 3 days
    > Take cap zincovit once a day for 10 days
    > Take cap Sporolac once a day

    > fast food
    > unhygienic food from outside
    > alcohol
    > smoking

    Hope this answers your question. If you have additional questions or follow
    up questions then please do not hesitate in writing to us.
    Wishing you good health.