Problem of high bp and having high heart beat. Advise ?

I want know that i have anxiety today and high heart beat and i m taking avas 20 and ecosprine and angiplat and diligem 20 but still i have no improvement in deasease my earlier ecg eere normal and after CAG there was svd and i fell chest pain when enxiety what i do now and i tale clonazepam 50 but no positive result

acidity and heart burn

Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
    Welcome to medimetry.
    Thanks for the query.

    I can understand what you are going through.
    Kindly get your Fasting thyroid profile and a fresh ecg done and revert so that I may guide you further.
    Please do not self medicate yourself.

  2. Dear Azam, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744, also please mention the name of Dr Surbhi as well as your name.
    Thank You!