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    Greying of hair is mainly genetic apart from thyroid ,nutritional and stress. The cause of greying is the loss of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to your hair. This loss of melanin occurs at old age but nowadays it can occur in younger ages due to lifestyle changes and increased level of pollution in the environment. It is proved that mainly the genes and the genetic changes can also cause this and also stress which is high in these days. There are multiple commercial preparations like some creams and powder claims to reverse the premature greying of hair but they are fake. Here I can suggest some natural and homemade methods for changing the grey hair to black which doesn't cause any harm .
    Lack of many vitamin b, zinc, iron, copper & iodine are known to cause greying of hairs. So in your diet include all these vitamins and minerals. Avoid junk food, and eat a balanced diet with all these vitamins keep the scalp clean, and avoid using soap or shampoo. Apply coconut oil and leave it there and just allow to dry without washing off with soap or shampoo. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and reduce stress by meditation and yoga or reading books or listening to music Other home remedies are 1) massage with onion paste regularly 2) eat sesame, 3) apply butter oil and massage scalp 4) regularly wash hair with gram flour and curd. There are some ayurveda preparation for grey hair like amla paste, apply coconut oil, and curry leaves paste you can also try coconut oil and lemon. Using henna and coconut oil is also excellent. These home remedies which will help you with grey hair and are harmless unlike commercial preparations.
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