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  1. hi
    welcome to medimetry
    I can understand your concern, don't worry
    a brief description on the pathology of grey hairs
    hair gets colour due to melanocytes- pigment producing cells,these cells are present in the hair bulb
    as a normal process of aging..these cells also dies- which is responsible for greying of hairs
    but if this process start earlier before age of 20 we call it as premature canities
    there is definitely solution of this problem but you have to continue for at least 6 months
    don't stop the medicine in between
    there are various causes of premature vanities like genetic, nutritional deficiencies,stress, environment factors and many others
    answer these questions and revert back to me so that I can guide you better
    is all hairs are turning into grey or only frontal hairs?
    any family member affected by this condition?
    r u taking some medicine for any disease?
    history of application of artificial cosmetics like dye or gel over scalp?
    I advice you
    take diet rich in calcium, biotin and protein
    avoid gel, artificial products over hair
    answer these questions and revert back to me with the pics of hair
    I ll be happy to help you out.plz let me know if you have any queries