Premature ejaculation

I have antidiuretic hormone deficiency and suffering from Premature ejaculation,

due to which I am unable to hold water in my body. Each time i try sex with my girlfriend

I could not penetrate her and we both are virgins.If I apply pressure to enter her my anxiety increases and I ejaculated immediately. Also her vaginal opening is very tight so,

I always feel that something is stopping me to enter into her vagina.please suggest the cure

Premature ejaculation

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  1. Hi Ank,
    Welcome to MediMetry, I can understand your concern.

    Before starting or while doing intercourse you both need to talk to each other,So that the anxiety level decrease between both of you and your can feel comfortable.
    . Anxiety and stress is one of the biggest reason of your premature ejaculation.Following things can help you.

    1. Try to reduce the stress and anxiety by talking to partner.
    2. Either use lubrication or condom so that penis sensation can decrease.
    3. Try to do 15-20 minutes foreplay before starting intercourse.
    4. Eat Dark chocolate before starting intercourse.Dark chocolate boost up hormones.
    5. Eat Almonds,walnut and yogurt. it help to increase sexual stamina.