Premature baby not gaining weight

My baby is fifteen months old and his weight is 9.5 kg. Is it normal? He is premature baby born with 2.5 kg. But he is very active and all his activities were ¬†correctly at each month. His developments are good but he doesn’t gain weight. What to do?


Premature baby not gaining weight

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Premature babies need extra vitamins and minerals for growth during early months of life.They need special care including feeding and nourishment.Prematures usually triple their birth weight by 1 year of age.Your baby's weight at this age is adequate.If he's attained all milestones at expected age and is active playful with no health problems there is no need to worry.Give him a balanced nutritious diet including milk,milk products,egg,fruits and green vegetables.He should be eating all meals prepared at home.Stop worrying.I hope this information is useful for you.Keep me posted on baby's health.