Pregnant with Monochronic Diamnotic twins, how to delivery healthy babies?

Hi, I am pregnant with Monochronic Diamniotic twins and 17 weeks 3 days.
My doctor says that I might develop twin to twin transfusion syndrome as twin 1 sac measures 6.9 and twin 2 sac measures 2.9 and is slow in growth, though the heartbeat is perfect for both. Twin 1 weighs Р155 gms and Twin 2 weighs Р128 gms and I am also taking Arg9 sachets twice daily.
Can you please help me to avoid twin to twin transfusion syndrome so that I can deliver both healthy babies?


Pregnant with Monochronic Diamnotic twins, how to delivery healthy babies?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    Twin to twin transfusion syndrome is when blood or donor is shared by recipient through common placenta. Donor becomes smaller, dehydrated and pale. Recipient becomes larger and may develop hypertension and cardiac failure.
    If mild both twins recover easily after birth but severe cases lead to death of one in intrauterine life and cardiac failure in other.
    You can't do anything to prevent it but you need to do close monitoring by serial scans and follow up with an expert. If it becomes severe, vessel ablation can be done in intrauterine life by laser and even blood transfusion to donor. Repeat amniocentesis may be required for monitoring Hb indices , electrolytes etc. If mild, both can be treated after birth with transfusion and medication.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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