Pregnancy of 7 months- What can be done to increase haemoglobin level?

Pregnant over 7 months. She had fever 14 days from July that time HB level was she has been prescribed Sysfol ,hepakind 300,ferrous aspatro glycinate,lmeythylfolate,methycal table.,tar pa phulahay. Her haemoglobin level is 9.5/now. What can be done to increase her haemoglobin level?


Obstetrics & Gynae

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  1. Good evening Mr.Sarkar.Please get her blood examined for
    1.TC,DC,ESR,Hb%.M.P.,PCV ,PLATELET COUNT 2.Stool for OPC and Occult blood .
    and whats app the reports to MEDI METRY.She needs Iron tablet which she is taking.Calcium preparation in the form of Tab.Calcimax500 1 tab ODPC high protein diet +fruits in addition to normal diet.Tab.Folvite 1 tab daily
    Best wishes.
  2. Dear Sarkar, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744, also please mention the name of Dr Pradip as well as your name.
    Thank You!