Pregnancy doubts.

I have pregnancy doubts.I have my last periods on 3 may and today it’s 20 june….my periods are delayed 17 days ….its first when I’m facing this type of situation since my periods started…..I had no sex and all since 6 years….and have my regular periods….what should I do….is there any chance of pregnancy…or it’s normal… plzz tell me…I’m really stressed about it 🥺🥺

Pregnancy doubts.
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    As you didn't had any intercourse there are no chances of pregnancy.Missed period could be due to hormonal imbalance which can be even due to anxiety , stress in day to day activity . if delay is first time just wait for around one week . if previous cycles also irregular and delayed, get ultrasound done to rule out PCOD . And blood test for thyroid testing and prolactin level in body