Pregnancy doubt.

Hello Doctor, I have a pregnancy doubt. I recently got married. I was participating in sex without any safe measures with my life partner. Her menses cycle completed on 8th Feb. We are not interested in having a child for 2 years. But we want to do sex without protection. Please help me out what we have to take precautions or measures. Thank you.

Pregnancy doubt.

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  1. Hello Ravi
    She can opt for oral contraceptives pills .She can take a pill daily to prevent pregnancy.
    Before commencing the pill: A gynaecological consult is needed to rule out
    – Active pregnancy.
    – Thrombophila.
    – Severe liver disease.
    – Malignant breast lump.
    – Hypertensive Heart disease.
    – Other drug use interfering with efficacy of COC
    – Screening for sexually transmitted diseases.
    A young women may continue a combined oral pill till
    – Desire for pregnancy.
    – Beyond 40 years with comorbidities.
    – Long acting method of contraception is required.
    – New onset comorbidities, especially a thrombosis event or a breast or gynaecological cancer.
    The failure rate for COC’s is less than 1 in 100 women of ideal use.
    Do let me know if there are any further queries.