Pregnancy diet chart and precautions during pregnancy.

My first preterm LSCS have done before 6 month due to reverse diastolic flow.

My baby was no more. Now I am pregnant again so what kind of food should be taken and

what kind of precautions should be taken to prevent repeat of previous conditions.


Pregnancy diet chart and precautions during pregnancy.
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    The causes can be broadly classified as fetal, maternal and placental factors.
    Fetal causes include chromosomal abnormalities, multiple pregnancies, fetal structural anomalies and fetal infections.
    Maternal factors include nutritional deficiencies, especially of vitamin C and E. Maternal infections, especially chronic infections like tuberculosis and malaria can cause fetal growth restriction (FGR).

    Medical problems in the mother like hypertension, anemia, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung diseases and heart disease can cause FGR.
    Maternal dietary supplementation through balanced caloric intake rather than specific protein supplementation has a variable effect on fetal growth. The effect is small, though fetal weights have been shown to increase by 100–300 g .
    l-Arginine improves Uteroplacental blood flow to overcome placental ischemia by increasing Nitric oxide. This results in vasodilation of uterine arteries.
    The use of low-dose aspirin for the prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction has been studied extensively.
    So be in touch with your doctor for regular follow up . she may start these medications depending upon the reason and cause of your problem.
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