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    8th month is a crucial period of pregnancy term, as baby’s growth happens fast and pregnant woman’s muscles require toning up to prepare for the delivery time.
    You should eat light food, which is easy to digest as it becomes difficult for stomach to do more and more work on digestion. So fruits and vegetables should be included as much as possible. You should also include protein rich meals like cottage cheese, apricots, egg yolk, dairy products, beans, tofu, soy milk.
    You can also munch on fruit smoothies, sprouts berries and whole grains. Peanut butter is a good source of energy at this stage. Also add corn, avocado, whole wheat delicacies, broccoli, celery, brown rice, black beans, to ensure enough supplement of nutritious fibre. For subtle calcium intake, turn to almond soup, spinach soup, makhana kheer, cottage cheese, curd rice, spinach rolls, Gourd-Bottle (ghiya/lauki) Kheer and yogurts etc.

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