Posterior walled fibroid. Will affect pregnancy?

Hi i am 31 year old, 2 months pregnant. My first sonography reports showed a posterior walled fibroid measuring 1.2 * 0.8 cm. I would like to know whether this is safe or do i require some treatment, though my doctor is not worried about it. I wish to know that this will or will not create any issues in my later stages of pregnancy.


Posterior walled fibroid. Will affect pregnancy?
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  1. Thanks for writing.At this stage of pregnancy you should take proper rest and avoid stress.Since fibroid is very small.If you feel pain uterine relaxant like-Duvadihe an (isosuxprine) can be taken in form of tablet or injections.You have not mentioned exact location of fibroid-posterior-on fundus of utreus or body of uterus,wheather it is towards cavity of uterus or outside the cavity of posterior wall of uterus.Usually If fibroid is outside the cavity of uterus on posterior wall it will not effect pregnancy.You should go for regular antenatal checkups and in every ultrasound see the size of fibroid ,if it is increasing in size some measures may be needed usually after pregnancy.A complication of fibroid -red degeneration of fibroid can develop in few women with pregnancy which subsides with conservative management only but not in this small fibroid.This fibroid will not cause you any problem so enjoy pregnancy like a normal one.
  2. .Since fibroid is very small it will not create any problem.You have not written exact location of fibroid.
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