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  1. Hello Priyanka Kunaparaju,

    Welcome to MediMetry, I can understand your concern

    There are some home remedies which will help to reduce weight :-

    1. Drink Honey with lemon water with empty stomach .
    2. Eat cabbage as much as you can, Cabbage is one veggie which have very low calories.
    3. Use olive oil for cooking.
    4. Try to do 30-40 minutues excercise which include AEROBICS,STRETCHING,WALK.
    5. Eat steamed or boiled food.
    6. cummim water with honey can help you to reduce weight.
    7. Take carrot juice.
    8. Avoid fried foods and snacks.
    9. Eat brown rice.
    10. Take green tea.
    11. Cut down sugar in take from your food.

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