Positive pregnancy test but didn’t want to conceive

I took a pregnancy test today nd tomorrow is my period cylcle i have tested positive ,pls help wat can i do.   My back is paining from last 5-6 days.if I m pregnant can I abort it as I m not ready for 2 nd baby nd is it safe nd wat precautions should be taken .will der b any problem if I want to conceive next yr or so,and which is d best method of abortion at this stage

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  1. Good morning Swapnil.Thanks for consultation.Let me know your exact LMP. Is your cyle is of 28days or 30 days or dates are variable.
    Were you taking any medicine?
    Since according to you,your date is tomorrow that means you have not a missed a period how come your pregnancy test came positive?
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    My dates r variable nd I normally get my periods 5 days earlier my date was 9 July but accordingly it shud be on 4 july
  3. Good evening Swapnil.Wait till your period is overdue by 45 days from LMP and repeat your pregnancy test.
    Pl.consult your doctor and get and USG lower abdomen done.
    Best wishes.