33 weeks, polyhydramnios condition. Will I have pre-term labour?

I’m 33 weeks pregnant with condition of polyhydramnios. Few days ago I’ve noticed mucus like vaginal discharge which worried me most. I rushed to the doctor and they said it can be pre term labor sign.So they admitted me for 48 hours and gave me steroid shots for baby’s lungs in case if premature birth can occur my baby can have developed lungs.I want to ask that:

  1. Is this kind of injection harmful to my baby?
  2. Is it normal to have few drops of vaginal discharge in eighth month of pregnancy? How can I know if it is normal discharge or my water has broken? I still have very little milky white, odorless clear normal vaginal discharge. Does it mean I will go through pre term labor?

Doctor suggested me to take complete bed rest.


33 weeks, polyhydramnios condition. Will I have pre-term labour?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    As you are at risk of developing preterm labour and rupture of membranes due to polyhydramnios, you should not ignore discharge per vaginum and get yourself checked to ensure normal discharge.
    Steroids are given to mother to ensure fetal lung maturity if we suspect preterm labour and benefits are more than risks so should be taken. Vaginal discharge during pregnancy usually increases under the influence of hormones, due to infection or leaking due membranes rupture. Leaking is usually sudden gush of watery fluid like urine and wets the clothes. But sometimes it is slight also which is confirmed by per speculum examination.
    Though you are at risk of developing preterm labour but does not mean that you will develop. Take precautions as rest, avoid intercourse and follow doctors advice. Visit your doctor whenever you are in doubt of leaking or pains.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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