polycystic ovaries

Doctor, I had back pain and according to advices i done USG of lower abdomen.After test they gave suggestion that i’m having bulky polycystic ovaries but I’m having regular periods and it is happening properly.I also had blood test.With that test doctor said I’m having low vitamin D(10) and in my left breast when I’m giving little pressure,something comes out only 1 or 2 drops.Its like milk(totally white colour) but I’m unmarried and for this I had prolactin test done, but it was normal (19.00) and breast scan also i had normal result. Thyroid test also i got normal results.

My weight is also increasing under belly fat. If u need i can send copies of my reports by mail.

Now I’m taking medicines for low vitamin D3.
Please help me.Thank you!

polycystic ovaries
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  1. Hello,
    With the presence of polycystic ovaries on ultrasound , it fulfils the ultrasonological criteria for PCOS and clinical hyperandrogegism like acne, hirsutism and acanthosis nigricans should be examined for. Even if irregularity is not present still with these features and weight gain indicating insulin resistance account for PCOD. Discharge from nipples is mostly due to hyperprolactinemia and if levels are normal then a swab culture should be done to rule out duct ectasia or bacterial infection. I still feel its due to raised prolactin.
    Vit D3 deficiency can be taken care of with supplementation but a hormonal profile with serum testosterone, DHEAS, 17OHP levels should also be done to rule out PCOD conclusively. You may be given a course of dopamine agonists for 2 weeks to control the breast discharge in discussion with your gynecologist.