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  1. Good evening Monika.Thanks for your consultation.Let me know the value of blood sugar of 140 is fasting or PPBS.
    Pl.Get blood examined for
    1. TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.
    3.Serum insulin level and get back to me.
    Presently you restrict sugar in tea
    Avoid carbohyrate reach diet.
    Pl.let me know your height,weight and occupation.Is it your first pregnancy?
    Best wishes.
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    hello sir, it's my first pregnancy. my age is 32 my height 5.5",my weight is right now 66 kg and im house wife my hb a1c level is 6.1,free t4 is 1.08 and tsh is 2.47 it take for thyroid medicine utyrox 25 tablet
    I take serum insulin level
    Lunch 2 unit and dinner 4 unit
    I take medicine for sugar control is bigomet Sr 500
    After taking insulin Today my blood sugar record is
    Post break fast 95, post lunch is 144 and post dinner is 146
  3. Dear Monika your BMI is 24.2 that is within normal limit.
    Rrgarding diet you are advised to avoid carbohydrate rich diet.Fruit juices and take more protein and add fibre rich diet.
    For detailed diet chart you must consult a registered dietician.
    Since you are having hypothyroidism as well you must take medicine for that regularly.
    Best wishes
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    My doctor done my sonography then found that my baby growth is more than two weeks so it's serious problem for my baby
  5. Dear Monika good afternoon.Please let me know your LMP and also whether you are sure of the date.
    Please whats app your first USG and last one at Medi Metry with mention of attention DR.PRADIP.
    Best wishes.
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    My lmp is 11/01/2016
  7. Dear Monika, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr Pradip as well as your name.
    Thank You!
  8. Dear Monika good morning.If your previous cycles were of 28 days then your EDD will be 18th.of October2016.Unless you whats app the report furher confirmation is not possible.
    Best wishes.
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    I am already send my report on whatapp on mention no. Pls kindly chk
    Thanking you
  10. Don't worry.As per your initial USG your EDD as per LMP and USG correspond to one another.
    You have done USG from different clinics .Standard of calculation varies on the different methods that are followed.
    You must keep your Blood sugar levels and TSH Free T3 and Free T4 under control.
    Best wishes.
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    Ok thks sir
  12. You are welcome.Monika please keep your blood sugar and hypothyroidism under control.
    Best wishes and happy pregnancy.
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    After lunch and dinner walking exercise karana jaruri hai kya