Please suggest good vegetables during pregnancy

Please suggest good vegetables during pregnancy and which should be avoided in pregnancy? Kindly recommend which of these can be eaten raw while which should be avoided and always eaten after cooking. If there is a difference of vegetables between trimesters, please suggest that too.


Please suggest good vegetables during pregnancy

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    Unwashed and raw vegetable should be completely avoided during pregnancy, as these may lead to infections. Vegetables good to eat in pregnancy are:
    - Beans
    - Broccoli
    - Green Leafy veggies, especially dark green
    - Pumpkin
    All fruits and vegetables are overloaded with nutrition and should be consumed throughout pregnancy unless your doctor has suggested against any due to certain conditions in your pregnancy. It is important to do addition trimester wise by adding following things:
    Ist Trimester - Add khas-khas powder
    2nd Trimester – Add makhana powder, almond paste, soyabean powder
    3rd Trimester – Add soyabean milk, cottage cheese, tofu, walnut ( soaked, peeled, ground)

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