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    I can understand your concern and your symptoms are suggestive of allergy.
    I would suggest you to take tab alerid 10 mgs 1 at night for 3 days and instill allercrom eye drops twice a day for symptomatic relief.
    You will be fine within a few days.
    Also take steam inhalations, have warm home cooked food, plenty of fluids and take rest.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!
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    Thank you for advice now symptoms of running nose are under control but my blood test report dated 9 August 2016 the levels are hemoglobin 15.9g/DL RBC count 5.51mill/mm3 TLC 5.84thou/mm3 eosinophils 12.5 % absolute eosinophils count .73thou/mm3 platelet count 150thou/mm3 rest are in normal limit please advice i
  3. This is because of allergy, don't worry!