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  2. If you want to gym, your protein and calorie intake must be on higher side. Firstly, increase your pulse, milk and sprout intake. Then increase your whole grain i and fruit and vegetable intake. All this increase will be double the quantity you are taking now. Early morning empty stomach eat a fruit like banana, chickoo or figs and a handful of dryfruits if you are planning for gym in evening. If in morning, then empty stomach just eat a fruit to provide you with energy. Carry a bottle of electrolyte water or lemon juice while gymming. After gym, take protein supplements like Proteinex, Resource High Protein, Nutrilite protein, or Venky's Vengain protein powder in 1 glass of milk. After an hour continue with your breakfast and other meals. Also include atleast 3 fruits, 2-3 cups of raw vegetables and a handful of dryfruits daily in your schedule. Drink plenty of water to detox your body. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries
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    Hot milk or cold milk ?
  4. Almost lukewarm or cold milk. Not too hot milk.
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    Ok and can I eat meat or is it bad to eat meat everyday ?
  6. You can eat meat but not everyday. Make it either occasionally or weekly.