Please help me to treat back pain ? – since 20 days

Hello i m 30 year old. I have back pain for 20 days. last week i ignored that its normal but it was not. After that i went for a therapy sessions like heats attrations but it doesn’t work. The pain is in left side joint go through in hip and left leg also. Yesterday i go to a doc n he gave me ISOHIB-T8 , SEE-STRONG N ORTHOFOS K2. PLS advice me.

back pain


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  1. Hi...have you gone thru any injury to that side or fall? Back pain may occur due to nerve compression ,muscle spasm or incorrect posture or long time standing or sitting ..what kind of work profile you have?
  2. Have you taken physiotherapy sessions for how many days you have taken the therapy...
  3. Follow some precautions like:
    1:avoid long time standing
    2:correct your posture
    3: avoid bending and heavy weight lifting
    4: sleep on mattresss that is not too hard not so soft
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    I worked with bank. Due to some heavy work at home it happned. I hav done 5 sittingsof therapy. Pls tell me the medicines are mentioned below is ok for me? Should i continue dis..
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    I also have my xra reports and therapy card.
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    Please suggest me some exercises also
  7. Dear Amninder , You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr Nousheen as well as your name.
    Thank you!
  8. OK please send me the reports ...did your therapy includes short wave diathermy and. Ultrasound...have you got little bit relief from therapy?
  9. After seeing your reports I can prescribe you exercises...Thanks!
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    Yes it included..but relief stayed time to time. After some time of theraphy its started againĺ
  11. shud continue therapy for fifteen days at least and must continue exercises in daily routine very strictly
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    So which exercise i should do ??
  13. Physiotherapist have taught to you earlier?when you go for physio sessions doctor will assess you n will teach you exercises better on the basis of your condition...if then also you won't get it then let me know...
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    No she didnt told me any exercise infact she said it will recover through only bed rest
  15. Ok you should do exercise when pain subsides