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  1. Hi Akash,
    Welcome to MediMetry. I can understand your concern.

    There are some causes for pimples-
    Lack of or insufficient water & fluids.
    Lack of Vegetables, greens, gourd family vegetables.
    High level of stress, work pressure, untimely meals & pollution.

    There are some homeremedies for pimples->
    You can use Clindamycin and phosphate gel at bed time only on pimples.
    Massage your face with finger tips.
    Drink 3-4 lt water in a day.
    Try to eat food which contain vitamin C.
    Apply a little raw honey directly on the pimple spots and pimples.
    Apply the juice of cucumber on your face and leave it overnight.

    For Dark circles-
    Get blood tests : Hb CBC, Vit B12, Vit D3 levels. Use baby soap. Do not rub the skin.Have mixed vegetable soup. Apply Dermadew glow cream around eyes twice a day.