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  1. Hi Umesh,
    Welcome to MediMetry. We can understand your concern,
    Pimple can be cuased by Hormonal changes, which is normal in your age group .
    Also it depends upon your gender, socioeconomic status and internal health.

    You may need a few medications and lifestyle changes for long term improvement.

    The following would help you :
    1. Avoid Using too much oil on the hairs.
    2. Wash you face with a good quality of facewash twice a day, in morning and before going to bed.
    3. Don't use too much medicines or cosmatics on your face.Just avoid or protect from dust.
    4. Drink 2-3 lt water a day, because water is natural cleanser for body.
    5. Eat Fresh veg and fruites which are high in Vitamin C.
    6 .Using an anti fungal shampoo will be of great help in reducing dandruff and also pimples on forehead.
    7. You can also use clindamycin phosphate based gel , and apply it on your pimples only at the bed time.

    Warm regards