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  1. Thanks for consulting us.Do you mean you are suffering from PCOS.If so pl.let me know the diagnosis made only on basis of USG or other blood invesigations done as well.If all invedtgations have been done then upload those with MediMetry and request them to forward to me.
    Let me know your blood sugar level .
  2. Correction*investigations
  3. For pimples wash your face with a good face wash and apply Megaheal gel only to touch on pimples after 1 wk Elo Vera cream by Glenmarg once daily.Avoid applying cosmetics on face if you have dandruff use shelsan shampoo.Avoid consipation drink plenty of water.You may take Cap.Becosule Z 1 cap after breakfast.I can not comment on Dronis 20 unless I get the reports of all investigations.
    Good luck
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    I'm suffering during 2years. My Dotr gave me dronis 20.after 6 months later he told me to do USG and again gave me dronis year I m on under treatment by him and after 6months later seen my 2nd USG he told me that lm well and taking no medicine's. Than afte 4 months later l have same problem in priods .again I start medicine dronis and doings USG.lm disappointed that it is not cuor. What to do.
  6. Thanks for writing to us.To diagnose PCOS USG is not the only investigation.You have to get some special investigations of blood and others required if you please forward me all investigation reports through Medy Metry I will be able to guide you in a better way.Only taking Dronis will help you.You will have to change your life style do some Gym. Medicines will depend on invesigation reports symptoms clinical examinations.
    Please let me know your height.Weight and check for any hair growth on chest and face or black line on nape of neck
    Please check for any secretion from nipple.
    Get the following blood examinations done:-
    1.Haematocrit values.
    2.Thyroid profile
    3.Fasting and PPBS.
    4.Serum Insulin level
    5.Serum Testosterone and DHEA
    6.FSH& LH.
    7.Serum Prolactin
    8.Serum Oestrogen and Progesterone.
    If you have already done these get back to me with reports.
    Best wishes.