pimples and red marks on cheeks

Hello Doctor,

I have pimples and red marks on both side of cheeks.

From last 2 month i am using clindamycin and nicotimide gel in morning and at night benzol peroxide and adalpene.

Till now no results recently 2 days back i had done chemical peel, now i want to switch to retin-a micro gel can i continue retin-a gel after chemical peel with isotretinon 20mg tab. My query is that can i take those tablets or not. Is it good to take after chemical peel.

pimples and red marks on cheeks

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  1. hi pavan
    welcome to medimetry
    medicine in acne depends upon severity of acne
    if acne is not controlled with topicals Dermatologist prescribe oral retinoids
    you can also go for various procedures like salicylic acid peel ,comedone extraction and lasers for scars and pigmentation
    plz attach the pics of your face so that I can guide you better
    for oral retinoids you have to get CBC, Fasting lipid profile and LFT as baseline...
    you can take oral retinoids if the above investigation are normal
    you have to take oral retinoids for 3-4 months atleast
    both oral and topical retinoids causes sebaceous glands atrophy
    you will have dry skin
    when patient have resistant acne or grade 3 acne then only dermatologist prescribe both oral and topical retinoids
    since you have already been through chemical peel
    you can continue with oral retinoids but
    stop topical creams 2 days prior and 2 days after the procedure
    protect your face from sunlight
    just apply sunscreen and cetaphil moisturiser two- three times daily
    otherwise it will cause excessive dryness of skin and peeling of skin
    plz let me know if you have any further queries