Periods problem-Having severe pelvic pain. Please suggest ?

I have the problems of periods its my 5th day still i have pain in pelvic area dis is d third tym i m having dis problem usually it get releived from meftal spas but dis tym it didnt become fine bec of meftal i had i m very much concern i am totally kkk once the period is gone

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  1. Dear Sanam thanks for consultation.You may take Tab.Pyregesic 50mg half tablet twice daily after food x2days.Get an USG Lower abdomen done.Drink plenty of liquid .
  2. *500mgm
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    is it related to period only
  4. yes it is related to period called dysmenorrhoea and occurs when ovulatory cycles starts after menarche.If there is any pathology you need to have anUSG as advised to exclude that.
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    and i am 17 yrs old my date is on 6th i m having pain in my breast
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    jst 1 breast
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    like fluctuating pain
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    nt whole day
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    and i also got inflammation 2 days b4 bt nw totally f9 bt pain is der
  11. Sorry I didn't get you.In the morning you wrote you are 13yrs old now you are writing you are 13yrs how comes that!
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    i ws asking dat fr my sis
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    bt i m 17
  14. You have to register again.
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